[spyne] Spyne release calendar

Burak Arslan burak.arslan at arskom.com.tr
Fri Dec 19 06:20:34 UTC 2014

Hello Xavier,

On 12/15/14 13:20, Xavier Fernandez wrote:
> Hello,
> I was planning to use spyne for a SOAP 1.2 contract and remembered it
> wasn't supported in the last version.
> I was going to try to hack my way around it and saw some interesting
> commits on master...
> Any idea on a release date for spyne 2.12 ?

The next Spyne release will be made during January.

That said, the code in master is stable, if you want to work on it, you
can, as the work that remains for 2.12 has nothing to do with Soap 1.2.

> Regards,
> Xavier
> PS: https://github.com/arskom/spyne/pull/399 should be good to go now

I'm taking care of that NOW!


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