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Burak Arslan burak.arslan at arskom.com.tr
Mon Dec 22 15:14:30 UTC 2014

Dear All,

As I said before, stabilization efforts are underway for Spyne 2.12. You
can expect a new release during the month of January.

Once that's done, I'm planning to work on making Spyne easier to use.

One of the ideas I have for that is making ServiceBase optional.

So once 2.13 is released, my plan is to have all of the following forms

a) For having proper service definitions in the WSDL, we can just invert
the relationship between @rpc and ServiceBase

    @rpc(_service=[SomeServiceBase, SomeOtherServiceBase],
    def gettimeofday():
        return datetime.now()

    Application([SomeServiceBase, SomeOtherServiceBase], # (...)

b) @rpc decorated functions will go to a default service. When no
service list is passed to the Application instantiation, this implicit
service will be used.

    def gettimeofday():
        return datetime.now()

    Application([], # (...)

c) It will be possible to pass functions directly to applications

    def gettimeofday():
        return datetime.now()

    Application([gettimeofday], # (...)

I will do this in a way that won't break existing stuff.

Thoughts? Any other ideas for making Spyne easier to use?

Best regards,

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