[spyne] The helpfulness of logs, validation error contains no reference to the key

Burak Arslan burak.arslan at arskom.com.tr
Thu Jun 5 20:09:10 UTC 2014

Hi Alex,

On 06/05/14 18:57, Alex wrote:
> I need some help with understanding the cause of such behaviour. Spyne
> 2.10.10 says:
> ERROR:spyne.server.wsgi:Fault(Client.ValidationError: 'The value
> "u\'\'" could not be validated.')
> Obviously, one of the several empty values is not right, but which
> one? The error contains just the value, but it would be more helpful
> if it included the key too.
> The tricky part is that having looked through the code of dictdoc.py,
> I found that _from_dict_value() raises ValidationError exceptions and
> passes the key and the value to them. Thus I am surprised that I am
> not seeing that in the log, even though I have the latest 2.10.10.
> Another question is why does it say `"u\'\'"`, instead of showing an
> empty string?

I fixed a lot of things there for 2.11. Could you test the latest code
from the git repo and share your opinions? It should be a drop-in

Currently, 2.11.0 is done code-wise and the only thing that holds it
back is the documentation. Once I get to revise it for 2.11, I'll push
the master branch in arskom/spyne repo to pypi. So it's just the right
time to give such feedback.

Best regards,

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