[spyne] 2.11.0 is released

Burak Arslan burak.arslan at arskom.com.tr
Tue Jun 24 00:21:13 UTC 2014

Dear All,

I'm very happy to let you know that 2.11 just hit PyPi.

As you may know, this is a huge release with ~1400 commits spanning more
than a year of hard work.

Many thanks to all who have contributed with patches, docs, issue
reports, kind words and other help. I don't think I have to name names,
but we all know that this release would not have been as awesome without

I know I had to leave a couple of things out, but don't worry! From this
point on, the project will be making much more frequent releases with
smaller patchsets.

While I'll continue producing and reviewing patches as usual, for the
coming weeks I'll mainly focus on revamping the documentation. I'm not
so much in a hurry because 2.10 docs also fully apply to 2.11 release. I
hate to leave broken links behind, so instead i chose to leave it all
out until I revise it all. After all, it's been a year since I last
looked at these :)

Make sure you read the migration guide:

There shouldn't be much to do besides a couple of tweaks here and there.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you run into issues with 2.10
=> 2.11 migration.

I hope you find Spyne 2.11.0 useful.

Best regards,

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