[spyne] How keep Python 3 moving forward - suds & Python 3

Burak Arslan burak.arslan at arskom.com.tr
Fri May 30 06:43:07 UTC 2014

On 25/05/14 18:46, Jurko Gospodnetić wrote:
> I'd be most grateful if you could use the fork in any sort of a test
> suite you have set up for your project - the more test coverage it
> gets, the better. Especially considering that the original project had
> not a single automated tests.




Spyne is migrating towards tox (Spyne was there way before tox was 
around) but the suds interop tests are not there yet. So I can't have 
two versions of suds tests that runs against both suds and suds-jurko yet.

But you can run Spyne tests against your suds locally. Just clone Spyne 
repo and edit setup.py to use suds-jurko instead of suds here: 

If you're planning to change the root namespace (e.g. suds => jsuds) I 
can simply copy test_suds.py to test_jsuds.py so both could be tested 
side by side.

I also contemplated taking over suds some time ago but Suds codebase was 
not that adorable last time I looked at it. See: 

The fork I mention there is: https://github.com/plq/suds

Lastly, suds is *very* slow, because its XML parsing is pure-python. 
Also, it can't do async because unlike Spyne, transports are not 
pluggable. If, instead of improving suds, you're willing to look at 
Spyne's SOAP client, I can help you much more there. It does do Xml 
Schema parsing but not Wsdl parsing, otherwise it's more or less working.

Good luck with your efforts, you seem to be doing a great job and great 
service to the community.

Best regards,

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