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Dariusz Suchojad dsuch at zato.io
Fri May 30 06:55:57 UTC 2014

On 05/30/2014 08:43 AM, Burak Arslan wrote:

[About suds]

> Also, it can't do async because unlike Spyne, transports are not
> pluggable. 

Just for the record - I use suds-jurko asynchronously in Zato, which is
based on gunicorn/gevent, just fine.

I can't say whether the original suds library could have been used
because I didn't really investigate that option, went straight to

The only issue I had was that suds-jurko inherited from plain suds
class/client-level caches that had to be worked around by obtaining a
queue of pre-configured number of SOAP clients in their own queues by an
initializing Zato server.



So essentially:

- gevent monkey patches everything suds-jurko needs thus making the
latter asynchronous

- Zato creates a queue of client connections

- Users can run suds-jurko in an asynchronous manner

- Everyone is happy :-)


Dariusz Suchojad

ESB, SOA, REST, APIs and cloud integrations in Python

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