[spyne] Trying to expose the basic SOAP interface.

Ian Kane Ian.Kane at perrigo.com
Tue Sep 30 18:24:12 UTC 2014

Thanks Burak,
Good to be here.

I can’t recall making the conscious decision between 2.11 and 2.10 and can’t believe upgrading wasn’t one of my first actions.
Anyways, there is no reason why I can’t move to version 2.11.

Doing so fixed the issue, Thanks!


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On 09/29/14 23:17, Ian Kane wrote:

Hi all, first time post here.

Hello Ian, Welcome :)

I’ve been following this library for a few weeks and finally decided to try to make use of it for a project.

I’ve got an application that needs to receive state updates from a communication bus.  The com bus should be able to notify my application through an exposed SOAP service.
Apparently I have a misunderstanding of the library’s API as I have yet to demonstrate a successful test-case.  Any insight as to why the below exception is being thrown would be greatly appreciated.
Here is my test case:

Your code is up at here: https://gist.github.com/plq/c65f567d69167ccd94d6<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__gist.github.com_plq_c65f567d69167ccd94d6&d=AAMDaQ&c=wcMRSsyWyu-9n0XIzZfY3g&r=qeexirdhUTj2XrutUYmbKzqrsevu3XkWm1KJZy4J9Oc&m=rg7-09zPwwS_KUwh6yuCm3Ug2qGg-NiYgynSGGaROi4&s=hkHkegaC7KUY237xpC1VQ_gLREqDL8qca0m_Wcyy2Zg&e=>

I fixed a couple of things with it: https://gist.github.com/plq/c65f567d69167ccd94d6/revisions<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__gist.github.com_plq_c65f567d69167ccd94d6_revisions&d=AAMDaQ&c=wcMRSsyWyu-9n0XIzZfY3g&r=qeexirdhUTj2XrutUYmbKzqrsevu3XkWm1KJZy4J9Oc&m=rg7-09zPwwS_KUwh6yuCm3Ug2qGg-NiYgynSGGaROi4&s=uE_IpMc7TRsbl_c2c1qJYmd1wijTLiyoDHcLISSGeVk&e=>

The traceback you provided is certainly a bug, but it appears to be fixed in 2.11, where I couldn't reproduce the error. Is there anything preventing you from upgrading to 2.11? 2.10 series are more than a year old and almost 2000 commits behind master now.

Best regards,

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