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Thu Jun 18 10:27:39 UTC 2015

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with the type of Array in spyne, I am working with Django and my server is apache with wsgi.py in windows. I have these structures:

class IncidenceData(ComplexModel):
                __namespace__ = http://my/__IncidenceManagement/service.wsdl'
                __mixin__ = True
                _type_info = {
                               "Id": Integer,
                               "Categoria": Unicode,
                               "MSN": Unicode,
                               "FSolicitud": Unicode,
                               "Quien": Array(Unicode),
                               "Problema": Unicode,
                               "Solucion": Unicode,
                               "Responsables": Array(Unicode),
                               "FSolucion": Unicode,
                               "Status": Unicode,
                               "ValCierre": Unicode,

class ResponseDataQuery(ComplexModel):
                __namespace__ = http://my/__IncidenceManagement/service.wsdl'
                __mixin__ = True
                _type_info = {
                               "message": Unicode,
                               "codResultado": Integer,
                               "Incidences": Array(IncidenceData),
                               "IncidencesNotFound": Unicode,

And this method wich one I am using:

@srpc(Array(Integer), _returns=ResponseDataQuery)
                def GetInfoIncidences(elementos):
                               idNoEncontrados = ""
                               resData = ResponseDataQuery()
                                               for p in elementos:
                                                                              incidenciaRes = Soporte.objects.get(pk=p)
                                                                              retval = IncidenceData()
                                                                              retval.Id= incidenciaRes.pk
                                                                              retval.Categoria= incidenciaRes.categoria
                                                                              retval.MSN= incidenciaRes.MSN
                                                                              retval.FSolicitud= incidenciaRes.fechaSolicitudSoporte
                                                                              retval.Quien= incidenciaRes.gastadas
                                                                              retval.Problema= incidenciaRes.descripcion
                                                                              retval.Solucion= incidenciaRes.solucion
                                                                              retval.Responsables= incidenciaRes.gastadas
                                                                              retval.FSolucion= incidenciaRes.gastadas
                                                                              retval.Status= incidenciaRes.estadoSoporte
                                                                              retval.ValCierre= incidenciaRes.gastadas

                                                               except ObjectDoesNotExist:
                                                                              if idNoEncontrados == "":
                                                                                              idNoEncontrados = str(p)
                                                                                              idNoEncontrados = idNoEncontrados +";" + str(p)

                                               if idNoEncontrados!="":
                                                               resData.message = "ERROR"
                                                               resData.codResultado = 0
                                                               resData.IncidencesNotFound = idNoEncontrados
                                                               return resData

                                               resData.message = "CORRECT"
                                               resData.codResultado = 1
                                               return resData
                               except Exception as mine:
                                               print mine
                                               print '%s (%s)' % (mine.message, type(mine))
                                               resData.message = "Error en sistema DEMAT, Contacte con el administrador del sistema : " + '%s (%s)' % (mine.message, type(mine))
                                               resData.codResultado = 0
                                               return resData

This line is all time making error in my system:
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'append'
[Thu Jun 18 11:41:15 2015] [error] 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'append' (<type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>)

I don't what is the problem, the kind of data, the Array type maybe.............. I don't know anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance.

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